Movers: Champaign IL Facts

Moving to the Champaign-Urbana area? The metropolitan area is home to the University of Illinois, several technology start-ups, and America's first Farm Aid benefit concert. When organizing your transition to the area, contact our movers; Champaign, IL will be within even quicker reach with the expertise of the Hutchcraft Moving and Storage Company.

What else is there to know about Champaign-Urbana? Often referred to by the locals as Chambana, the area has been ranked as one of the top environmentally-friendly places in the United States to live. The university draws in several guest lecturers, as well as entertainment including live concerts, cultural events and festivals. Several styles of restaurants and bars offer a variety of options for local patrons-ranging anywhere from Tex-Mex and Chinese to Argentine and Guatemalan, one is able to enjoy a gastronomical vacation while still close to home.

For additional information, you can speak with our local movers. Urbana, Champaign and the surrounding area have much to offer, and we're enthusiastic to assist you in your move.

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Local Movers: Urbana and Champaign

So, why hire a professional moving company? You can rely on our local movers; Champaign, IL and Urbana, IL are just a drive away, and we make the transition easy.

This is our day in and day out job, and we've garnered a knack for making our client's moves a less stressful ordeal. We are licensed and registered, and are able to custom tailor our services depending on your needs. If you value the careful protection of your belongings, as well as your time, contact our local movers. Urbana, IL moves have never been easier, and we hope that you'll take advantage of our services so you can spend less time moving, and more time getting situated in your new city.