Charleston and Paris, IL Movers

Aside from servicing larger cities in the east-central Illinois region, we facilitate moves to, from and between smaller towns in the state. In fact, our Paris, IL movers are some of the most skilled in the business. As a licensed and registered agent for United Van Lines, Hutchcraft coordinates moves efficiently. Our staff is polite and knowledgeable, and ready to take you home-where ever that may be.

Our Charleston, IL movers will assist in getting you to your new location, and can do so helpfully and quickly.

At Hutchcraft, we understand that moves can be stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. But, with the right preparation, there are some things within your control that can make your move easier. Here are some hints from our movers in Paris, IL:

  • Write everything down and make a list of what items you pack.
  • Clearly label each box with its specific contents-for example, red dinner plates versus kitchen accessories-for easy unpacking.
  • Use packing materials including old newspaper, old blankets and bubble wrap to secure breakable items.
  • Remember to pack each box light to keep the weight of boxes manageable, and easier to carry.
  • Pack boxes firmly to prevent items from shifting during transport.

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Knowledgeable Movers in Paris, IL

Demand the best from your moving company. Customers in smaller towns, outside of larger metropolitan areas, needn't worry: we provide access to top-of-the-line facilities and vehicles, to ensure a positive moving experience. Our movers in Paris, IL benefit from the same great technology found in big cities, yet provide a personalized amount of service that's known to small towns.

Chicago to Charleston, IL Movers

Our movers know east-central Illinois-we've been the local agents for United Van Lines since 1956. We're truly a family-run business, born from a labor of love by two brothers, Gerald and Orin C. Hutchcraft. What started post World War II with a modified 1926 Hudson automobile has since grown into a fleet of more than 30 vehicles, each comprising of the most advanced technology available. Our vehicles have been made available to Paris, IL movers, making moves increasingly convenient. Known for unparalleled quality and service, Hutchcraft is eager to have your business. For assistance with setting up your move, please contact us for an estimate. Whether you're planning a large-scale move across borders, or you're moving from Champaign to Charleston IL, movers at Hutchraft will do their part to make the transition painless.